Short biography:

Zorana was born on November 22, 1986, in Belgrade, Serbia. Her father, Dragoslav, with a PhD degree from the Faculty of Sports, University of Belgrade, passed away in 2000. Her mother, Biserka, is an economist and sister Jelena is a coach and sports shooter.

Zorana completed her elementary school education in the Branko Ćopić school in Belgrade, followed by the 15th Belgrade gymnasium, where she was the youth sportswoman of her generation. At the moment, she is senior undergraduate of Belgrade University, with Ukrainian language and literature as her major.

Since 2010. Zorana's shooting coach is her older sister Jelena Arunović, former also successful shooter. Other team members are - fitness coach Vladimir Trivunčić, and rehabilitation center Fitness+Medico.

Zorana loves technology and is very active on social networks – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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My motto:

Never give up, no matter how hard it is you should always find something that will inspire you to keep going further. I find my inspiration in the success of other athletes. They inspire me to work more and harder. I would say to any young athletes, never give up, no matter how hard it is.

Overall results:

  • Olympic Games 4th and 7th place
  • World Championships 5 medals (2-2-1)
  • European Championships 9 (5-1-3)
  • World Cups 7 (1-4-2)
  • World Cup Finals (0-2-0)
  • Mediterranean Games 3 (2-1-0)

From 2004. to 2014. I won a large number of national championships as well as the junior and senior Serbian Cups.

Throughout the years I broke and set a number of national records, in individual and team category. In 2013. I won 5th consecutive National Champion title, individual and team.

I am currently no. 1 in the World by the ISSF ranking list in air pistol event, and 2nd in sport pistol event.

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It's not over, till it's over.

There is always space for improvement. Whenever something goes wrong, I know I must not give up, I must give my best and try till the very last moment, both in sport and in life. My advice to the young athletes is to be dedicated to their work and always find a way to work around a problem or solve it. If you firmly believe you should succeed - you will!

My gear:

Air pistol: Steyr LP 10 E

Sport pistol: Pardini SP 22LR

Pellets: RWS

Ammo: ELEY

Shoes: Sauer

Shooting glasses: Super Olympic Champion

My Timeline:

My professional career over the past decade...


Started training and later in the year competing


First appearance in the national team in European Championships (Gyor, Hungary), won silver medal


World Champion

Two times World Championship - runner up

European Champion team

First female athlete qualified for Olympics 2012


Female athlete of the year 2010 by the Olympic Committee of Serbia,

Most prestigious social-sports award - May Award

City of Belgrade award in the area of sports

Best athlete by the Association of Sports Journalists of Serbia,

Best athlete by the Politika daily newspaper

Best female athlete of the Crvena Zvezda sports community

Best female shooter


World Cup silver medalist, European Champion team


Best female shooter

Best female athlete of Crvena Zvezda sports community


World Cups 5 medals (0-3-2)

World Cup Finals 2 medals (0-2-0)

Mediterranean Games 2 medals (1-1-0)

European Championships 2 medals (1-0-1) all team


ISSF shooter of the year - runner up

Best female athlete of Crvena Zvezda sports community


First international appearance.


Bronze in European Championships.


World Champion

World Championships bronze medalist

Two times European Champion


Best junior female pistol shooter of 2006

Best junior female athlete of the Crvena Zvezda of 2006


Mediterranean Games gold medalist


Best female pistol shooter


World Cup gold medalist

Olympic Games 4th and 7th place

European Championships bronze medalist team


Best female pistol shooter

Best female athlete of Crvena Zvezda

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Zorana Arunović
Streljački klub Crvena Zvezda
Ljutice Bogdana 1a,
11000 Beograd, Serbia